Turkey's Electronic Money

Param is at your service with both local and foreign currency

You can make your domestic and foreign money transfers to your credit card, bank account, Param member card.

E-Tahsilat for Lawyers and TÜRMOB members

A collection system that enables lawyers to collect debts from their clients and also enables Independent Accountant and Sworn-in Certified Taxpayers to collect their fees by credit card.

Manage your money with Param Mobile

With this app, you can easily view your check balance, transfer money, pay your bills and check your account activities easily

Param Mobil

We are in the Middle East market with EminPay

Emin Can Yılmaz, Executive Board Member of TURK Elektronik Para Inc., started to work for entering the Middle East market with the establishment of EminPay.

Param Mobil

A Turkish Company in London!

TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş. Board Meber Emin Can Yılmaz, announced that he will be in London to establish his first foreign company from his LinkedIn profile.

Param Mobil

Official Gazette: Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

Official Gazette anouncement for authorization to operate given to our company by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency within the scope of law no.5464 Bank cards and Credit Cards Law.