Turkey's Electronic Money


Accept Payment with Param!
You can request a payment from your family, friends, relatives and basically from anyone who have an email address! Even if the person to who you send an email in order to request a payment from has no Param account, they can still make a payment with their credit card as a single payment or in instalments.

How is Payment Requested?

If you have a Param Account; enter the Param internet branch and click on the "Ödeme Al" button for getting payments. On the page that opens enter the email address of the person from who you request a payment, the amount of payment requested, explanations. Then, by selecting the latest date and time that the person can make the payment, click on the "Ödeme Talep Et" button for requesting payments.  

How Does the User from Whom Payment is Requested Conduct a Transaction?

Payment details will be sent in email to the person from whom payment is requested. By clicking on the "Güvenli Ödeme Yap" -for secure payments- button in the email, the person getting the request will be directed to a Secure Common Payment Page. By entering their credit card details on this page, the person can make their payment in instalments or as single payment.

When Will the Money Enter my Account?

The amount withdrawn after the person pays with their credit card will immediately be deposited into your Param Electronic Money Account.

Where Can I Spend My Electronic Money?

You may spend your electronic money in your account at the Param advantageous member workplaces at a discount.

Can the Money be Transferred to Another Account?

You can transfer the electronic money in your Param account to another Param account, to a credit card that belongs to you or someone else or to an IBAN account.

Are the Transactions Safe?

Within the framework of Law no. 6493 on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions, Turk Elektronik Para Inc. has been granted by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) the authorization to act as an electronic money institution in order to issue electronic money.

Param is a service of Turk Elektronik Para Inc. Param has over 300 thousand users throughout the country. BaroKart, AdaletKart, PlatinCard are the main members of the electronic money system.

All money transfers conducted through the TURK Elektronik Para systems are made with 3D Secure Payment and through websites having an SSL certificate. SENSITIVE PAYMENT DATA and PERSONAL SECURITY INFORMATION sent by TURK cannot be shared with 3’rd persons.