Türkiye'nin Elektronik Parası


  • BIST-10090186
  • EUR6,9689
  • USD6,1028
  • EUR/USD1,1528
  • Gold233,423
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persons are benefitting from the privileges and advantages of PARAM.
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is the number of transactions conducted

Collection by Mobile has Begun with Param Mobile App!

You won't pay for charges that are difficult to keep track of such as annual costs, maintenance costs, non-productivity costs, membership fee and account maintenance fees.

Turk Tahsilat

Turk Tahsilat App is Now Available!

Through the app you can pay your bills with a credit card in instalments or single payment.

You Can Make Payments with Param through the UYAP Citizen Portal!

You can pay a fee, cost, suit filing costs with credit card as a single payment or in instalments.