Turkey's Electronic Money


Random Software
Software and R&D Activities

Random Yazılım Limited Company., the first structure of our organization was established and software development activities in the area of law began.


Prepaid Card Systems
Infrastructure Setup

By carrying out extensive R&D related to payment systems, infrastructure of a prepaid card system was established.


Teknomedya Informatics
Hardware Services

Teknomedya Bilişim Hizmetleri Limited Company was established for payment systems ancillary equipments (kiosk, POS, card reader).


Teknoform Design and Print
Graphic Design and Printing Services

Teknoform Basım Yayım Limited Company. was established for graphic design, smart card print, smart card customization and software interface design.


Turuncu Holding Inc.
Financial Resource and Management

Turuncu Holding Inc. was established by agreeing to combine the experiences gained and commercial accumulations within a Corporation and to form a corporate structure.


Bir Dünya Eğitim Hizmetleri Inc.
Educational Services

We provide education to 3000 students in 2 cities, in 4 schools consisting of Kindergarten - Elementary - Middle School - High School and Private Vocational School of Health.


Zirvekent Yapı Inc.

While enjoying the pleasure of carrying out our operations in conformity with our principles, by establishing Zirvekent Yapı Inc. in order to also carry our consistent and impressive success to the construction sector in a short span of time, project activities have begun.


TURK Elektronik Para Inc.
Electronic Money Systems

TURK Elektronik Para Inc., established in 2014, ensures that electronic money is issued to businesses and individual users in accordance with all regulations in a secure manner and with the payment solutions it offers, makes it possible for the prepaid smart identity cards to be utilized with a financial infrastructure. Within the framework of Law no. 6493 on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions, TURK Elektronik Para Inc. has been granted by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) the authorization to act as an electronic money institution in order to issue electronic money.


TURK Finansal Teknoloji Inc.
Financial Technology

In Turkey where mobile and web based financial transactions can operate integrated with each other, softwares and mobile applications formed within the framework of infrastructure that is required for institutions authorized within the scope of the regulation of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey conduct research by studying theoretical and experimental works and observing current developments.