Turkey's Electronic Money


The BaroKart Personnel Identity Card provides the opportunity to make payments at payment points found at the Attorney Rooms of all bar associations and courthouses included in the system without carrying cash and waiting for change. It also provides exclusive shopping opportunity in various sectors like fuel and clothing.

  • You can load TL onto Param through the Param website, Param mobile app, from ATM’s, via money transfer or EFT from the bank.

    You can make loads from your card in whatever amount you please on the condition that it is not less than 25 TL. Since a virtual POS is used in transactions requiring deposits through credit card, your credit card must be open to e-commerce transactions. Your loading transaction will be reflected onto your credit card as EXPENSE and you will be able to pay the amount that you uploaded free of interest to your credit card on the first payment date.

  • You can transfer money without the need for a bank account with your Param account, withdraw money from ATMs, bill payment transactions, secure shopping on the internet and in the store. It may also benefit from the advantages provided by contracted member firms.

  • If you have a Param Account; enter the Param internet branch and click on the “Ödeme Al” button. On the page that opens enter the email address of the person from who you request a payment, the amount of payment requested, explanations. Then, by selecting the latest date and time that the person can make the payment, click on the “Ödeme Talep Et” button.

    Payment details will be sent in email to the person from whom payment is requested. By clicking on the “Güvenli Ödeme Yap” button in the email, the person receiving the request will be directed to a Secure Common Payment Page. By entering their credit card details on this page, the person can make their payment in instalments or as single payment.

  • You may transfer your balance found in Param to a credit card, bank account and Param member cards. You can conduct the transaction easily and quickly by logging into the internet branch and selecting the type of transfer in the “Param Transferi” tab.