Turkey's Electronic Money


TURK Elektronik Para Inc. was established on 05.08.2014 within the framework of law no. 6493 on PAYMENT AND SECURITIES SETTLEMENT SYSTEMS, PAYMENT SERVICES AND ELECTRONIC MONEY INSTITUTIONS dated 27 June 2013 and the Regulation and Communique of the related law dated 27 June 2014, it was one of the two companies that first obtained the authorization to operate on 27.08.2015.

TURK Elektronik Para Inc. continues to shape the experience it gained with the prepaid smart identity cards used actively throughout the country in line with the new needs forming within the market.

TURK Elektronik Para Inc. ensures that electronic money is issued to businesses and individual users in accordance with all regulations in a secure manner and with the payment solutions it offers, makes it possible for the prepaid smart identity cards to be utilized with a financial infrastructure.

With rapid improvement of technology in today’s conditions and with electronic money and online payment systems being used more frequently, by quickly conforming to the changing conditions in the sector with its innovative structure, TURK Elektronik Para Inc. aims to achieve numerous successes in its field.

TURK Elektronik Para Inc., in regards to the needs in order to offer better and high quality service within the areas that it operates, includes the companies that are powerful within the sector in its network of member workplaces. The continuing projects, owing to the agreements concluded with institutions and businesses, enables thousands of users to be included in the member workplaces found in its network. As a company that is aware that each person has different areas of interest, different tastes and expectations, it shapes its services with customer oriented and personal solutions and suggestions. TURK Elektronik Para Inc., which also pays regard to the fact that the way to becoming a more successful company with a better productivity depends on satisfied employees, is an employee oriented company. It aims at constantly advancing in its sector with the progressive departments it established and its innovative solutions.